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Questions about Tree Recycling

This is the 24th year our Scouts have recycled trees on Bainbridge, each year we try to improve our service:

  • When you reserve on the web the Scouts note your name, address, email, and phone number.
  • All of the addresses are divided into groups based on location just prior to pick-up day.
  • On the Pick-up day, teams of scouts and drivers fan out over the Island to pick up trees. We start at about 8:00 AM and finish around 4:00 PM.
  • If we cannot find your address or tree, we try to contact you.
  • The trees are chipped and are used on the island as mulch.
Make a reservation for tree recycling from now until 10:00 PM the day before pick-up. Place your tree outside by 8:00 AM on Jan 9, 2021 for pick-up.
We can only pick up trees from Bainbridge Island residences.

We pick up trees from all addresses on Bainbridge, even condos and apartments. Reserve a pick-up online, mark your calendar, and consider a donation. However, we don’t want to leave a mess of pine needles around your apartment or condo front door. So we strongly suggest leave the tree near the dumpster, in a way that doesn’t block access to it, or you coordinate with your property manager to arrange an appropriate place for you and the other residents to leave your trees for recycling.

  • The property manager may also contact us 206-780-6858 (between 8am and 4pm on pickup day ONLY), otherwise see contact details at to coordinate specific pick-up instructions. This helps keep your property tidy, and keeps the Scouts from tromping around the halls searching for trees to pick up. It’s a win-win!
  • Property managers can download this special flyer that you can use at your complex – it includes space for detailed instructions for your residents.
All of your contact information is shredded and deleted once the pick-ups are completed. We will never contact you to ask for more donations, and we will never provide your address, phone number, or any other information to anyone else. Scouts Honor! We will send you 2 additional emails, a reminder the day before this season’s pick-up and a reminder to sign up again next year.
We will do our best to pick up all trees regardless of weather conditions on the pick-up day. If for some reason we have not picked up your tree by the end of the day, please contact us at 206-780-6858 (between 8am and 4pm on pickup day ONLY), otherwise see contact details at and we will make sure to pick it up as soon as possible. If there is a terrible storm, we will send an email with a revised plan for pick-up.
No, wreaths cannot go through the chipper.
When you reserve a pick-up we send you an email to confirm that reservation. At times the email may be blocked or sent to a spam folder. Use THIS LINK to lookup your pick-up address.

Questions about Donations?

Tree recycling is both a community service and a fundraising event for our troop. We will pick up trees from all addresses with a reservation. We suggest a donation of $20 to $25 for the pick-up service.
All donations go to Bainbridge Island Scout Troops 1564 & 1804 to pay for summer camp and other scout activities and expenses.
We are happy to accept most forms of online payment at anytime (credit, debit, or PayPal), but on the day of pick-up we can only accept cash or check. Once you have a reservation you may select the online option. If you prefer to donate on the day of pick-up please make your check payable to “BSA Troop 1564″ and place it in an envelope. Place that envelope in a baggie and secure the baggie to your tree as you set it out on the morning of pick-up. Your confirmation email will include specific directions for making a donation.

A: You may choose to donate at pick-up or online. We offer an online option for those who:

  • worry about cash or checks being stolen prior to pick-up
  • would rather not try to waterproof and attach a donation envelope
  • are out of town (or prefer to sleep in) and will set their tree out early
We expect most of our donations to be online this year. We use PayPal to handle all credit card and debit card transactions – it is safe, easy and convenient.
The troop gets charged for all online donations. We have fixed payment choices that add the processing fee to the donation amount. You may select “Other” and enter any amount you would like – a portion of that amount will still go to cover processing fees.

A: Here is the fee structure from PayPal:

$10 Online:

you donate $10.00 and cover the $0.60 fee

$15 Online:

you donate $15.00 and cover the $0.75 fee

$20 Online:

you donate $20.00 and cover the $0.90 fee

$25 Online:

you donate $25.00 and cover the $1.05 fee

Other Online:

you choose amount, the Troop covers the fee