Troop 1564 & 1804 | Bainbridge Island WA 

About the Tree Recycle Program

This is the 25th year our Scouts have recycled trees on Bainbridge, each year we try to improve our service. Our next pickup day is on Jan 2022. Tree recycling is both a community service and a fundraising event for our troop. One day a year we pick up trees from all addresses with a reservation. We suggest a donation of $20 to $25 for the pickup service. Here is an overview of the program:
  • When you reserve (on the web or by phone), the Scouts note your name, address, email, and phone number.
  • All of the addresses are divided into groups based on location just prior to pick-up day.
  • On the Pick-up day, teams of scouts and drivers fan out over the Island to pick up trees. We start at about 8:00 AM and finish around 4:00 PM.
  • If we cannot find your address or tree, we try to contact you by phone.
  • The trees are chipped and are used on the island as mulch.

Our Christmas tree pick up service is complete for 2021. Our troop continues to accept online donations for the completed pick up service


Lost and Found

Each year we spare ornaments from the chipper - many have special value. Let us know if you see one that you forgot and would like it back.

January 2019 2019.ornament